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Summary of the theory:

10.7. Qualia, manifestation

The interpretation of the Pattern creates abstract ideas, which are also experienced. How does this work in concrete terms?
  1. You experience that there is something on the table,
  2. you interpret it to be an apple, and
  3. you experience the idea of ​​the apple as «apple», i.e. a quality, qualia.
This «apple feeling» is a hybrid, i.e. a mixture of ideas and experiences related to the apple: the colour, shape, weight, consistency, smell, etc.

These things together make up an apple.

The concept «apple» is thus an emergent, i.e. higher, interpretation of something else.

The fact that we experience this non-existent fantasy with form, weight, colour, smell, texture, taste, etc., tells us something significant, namely that we walk around and experience fantasies, ideas, as something real.

In this sense, the world «exists» because we experience it, not because it has standalone reality as something physical or material.

The emergence mechanism occurs at all levels throughout the universe, from the first dot to giant galaxies. Whenever we focus on something and understand it, it creates another new situation that requires interpretation.

Thus, the focus remains on the same in the continuation, and a new step, a new and higher order of emergence, occurs.

It continues until the highest credible degree of emergence is reached, or something else takes over the focus, and the development continues there.

What does it mean to reach the highest credible degree of emergence?

Well, when you have arrived at the «apple», and then new experiences continue to emerge near the apple, you understand that what you are now experiencing is the air around, the wall in the background, the banana lying next to it ... anything else. You don't believe these things belong to the concept of apple but to other concepts, and thus conclude that you have reached the highest degree of emergence.

This continuous chain of emergence is the same as growth, creativity, innovation, development, life.