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21.14. Inherited original sin

Normalisation, carpets with dust underneath, cake, and boiled frogs generate damage in our children.

My mother lost her father when she was fourteen years old. As far as I understand, it was him she identified with, and to him, she felt most attached.

When he died, it was not dealt with psychologically. For her, it created a great sorrow, and she did not have the opportunity to process it.

Instead, they ate cake, figuratively speaking.

There was no conversation. The emotions were suppressed.

This is harmful.

Because she was hurt, I was hurt. I see it clearly, she doesn’t.

I don't need to describe the details of this mechanism; you are beginning to understand how the mental world works now.

The greatest inherited sin of them all is that we do not pass on to our children the knowledge of what they are, namely conscious beings who create their own reality. Our children should read this book – in children's book format, possibly. Maybe a theatre play?

Instead of memorising the Ten Commandments and Luther's exhorting and fearful explanations, children should learn that they are immortal souls and that there is nothing to fear.

They are free and will always be free.

The youngest children already know this well because they have not forgotten it.

They never knew anything else until their parents, teachers, and everyone around them began to tell them about a physicalist, objective, scientific world where consciousness is simply not included.

In one generation, the world can be transformed.

It's going to happen, not right now, but it's not very long; we're on our way there. That's for sure. Everything I write about in this book supports and necessitates just that.

That's pretty amazing, isn't it?

We explain our existence with a scientific framework where consciousness is not included.

At the same time, we present a story of consciousness that is dogmatic, rigorous and terrifying, subject to a cruel and vengeful God.

I am angry, mainly at all cocksure, power-hungry, terrified, injured men who have created this buzz.

Women usually know better, but not always, because they are often further away from headstrong dogmatism, which is often the man's domain. Unfortunately, women are all too often involved in cakes and carpet cleaning.