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20.2. To be or not to be

In addition, there is another level of experience that we have not gone into so far.

We all walk around and experience being a human being.

We imagine ourselves with arms and legs, skin and hair, just as we perceive others. But we also experience being inside this body, bound to it, surrounded by it, simultaneously without feeling that we are the body, we are something else.

How should we, in theory, be able to explain this?

Actually, it should be impossible because now you look at your brain with your brain, at the same time as you are told that there is no brain other than the notion of a brain that does not exist because all that exists is the ability and the act of experiencing.

It's not easy to grasp.

You have an experience of being what you yourself experience, or at least being in the body you experience. You have a body.

I understand well if you find this difficult to comprehend.

Therefore, we humans have also failed to solve this tangle for thousands of years. We are forced to look at the core of ourselves from ourselves, i.e. understand our subjective experience from the perspective of the content of the experienced, which is ourselves.