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16.7. The light is switched on

Every single electrical event in the universe results in the creation or elimination of a photon. It means that the changes are communicated.

It is tempting to take the popularisation even further.

We are in a subjective, mental landscape with a universal Experiencer who imagines and experiences time and space, accumulations, motion, gravity and mass.

At the same time as the ideas of mass and accumulation were created, the universe «exploded» to «infinite» size in zero time. This «inflation» happened without restriction, outside of time and space. A mental Pattern was formed.

Simultaneously, but still in a sharply defined, new phase, the interpretation of the dynamic Pattern begins.

As soon as the emergent idea of the first particles, the quarks – the tiniest we can observe today, the world for the first time became «material», already after 10-12 seconds.

Something then happens that causes the concept of «electric charge» to occur and the quarks to be assigned a positive electric charge.

The next thing that happens is that «the light turns on».

From «electrical necessity», the Experiencer creates another particle, the electron, which positions itself close to the clumps of heavy quarks with mass.

They revolve at fixed distances and «observe» the atomic nuclei. They are held in position, a bit by gravity, but mainly by the electric charge.

If something were to happen to the atom, it would mean that electrons either change orbit internally or are emitted or taken up from the outside. In all situations, photons are sent out, a messenger stating that a change has occurred. Photons are energy, a recoil, and energy is change.

We can see photons. It is the photons that make us see. The photons show us every little change in the entire universe so that we can experience them. They show us the world in all its riches.