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15.9. The Pattern and accumulations

The further development of space and time, with the speed of light, forms a pattern and «accumulations» occur. These are interpreted as particles with mass.

The Experiencer experiences that the points fly around in a three-dimensional space at the speed of light. Thus, all distances have become possible because the movements create them. The hectic activity develops a pattern of constant change.

In some places, there are accumulations of points close together. Elsewhere, there are areas with less density of points. In sum, it constitutes the vibrating zero-point field. The tremor creates fluctuations of all sorts.

Again the Experiencer is faced with something new to understand; accumulations, concentrations, variations in density.

They arose for no particular reason, accidentally, as a consequence of the movements. Nevertheless, they have emerged; they are registered and must be interpreted and experienced.

What is the appropriate interpretation of the accumulations?

Now I'm on shaky ground, I must admit.

How can we know?