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Summary of the theory:

10.1. The Experiencer is a spirit

The Experiencer is an awake state that constantly registers changes.

It is a spirit, without anyone being able to say what a spirit is, which is logical because spirit itself has no form or content – nothing. The Experiencer is pure is-ness that has the ability to experience. It is presence that is permanently vigilant.

«The Experiencer» is my word for that which others will call God, Yahweh, Allah, etc. I have asked philosophers here in Norway if there already is a neutral, scientific word that could fit the same, but the answer was no.

This spirit is also your spirit, for only this one spirit exists, nothing else. It is without limitations – just as your mind, your thought, your imagination is without boundaries.

The Experiencer is your alertness, your ability to experience.

Thus you, too, know what it is like to be this spirit, but you experience the world, yourself included, inside the very limited experience of being «you».

The difference between you and the universal Experiencer is only the perspective.

You experience yourself as a human.

The Experiencer experiences itself as a universe.

Both are abstract notions that are also experienced – something mental that is thought, felt or perceived as something material.

No physical matter with standalone existence exists, no objects, living beings, mountains, planets or galaxies. Everything is mental notions, perceptions, illusions – which are experienced as something material – by the Experiencer, who is also you.

How you and the universal one Experiencer can be the same, is described in pt. 10 below, which is about dissociation.