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4.1. Osho and Teal Swan

In our time, I only know two people who have the whole picture; Osho and Teal Swan. There are obviously several, but I have not discovered them, and the others I have found are not «complete».

Again, I do not mention any names.

Osho was an Indian Zen master who ran an educational institution in India and also a period in the 1980s in Oregon, USA.

It went rather severely there.

He came into conflict with the local population, many of whom were conservative Christians. He eventually gave up and returned to India, where he continued his work and died with his followers around him in 1990. There is a fantastic Netflix series about this whole story if you are interested.

Many of Osho's appearances have been filmed and are freely available on YouTube. He has also published a large number of good books.

The other person I want to mention is Teal Swan, born in 1984 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

She grew up in Utah, in a community of many Mormons. She, like me, came into conflict with the Christian church. She was hypersensitive and had «abilities». She explains that she was sexually exploited by a friend of the family when she was little and says she was subjected to attempted exorcism by a group of people who thought she was possessed.

Teal has described her traumas, her differences, and how she had to confront all the difficult things that led to her awakening.

These are some of the same elements I have also experienced, except that the abuse against Teal, a beautiful, articulate, confident, empathetic and sympathetic person – was far more brutal than anything I can point to, at least on the outer level.

Feel free to read more about her on Wikipedia and on her own website.

Teal is today a strong critic of everything that is sick in society, and she devotes much of her time to helping people with their emotional and social problems. She is concrete and direct.

I know too little about the history of Osho. Still, he too was strongly opposed to dogmatic religion, i.e. primarily Hinduism in India and also the other major religions.

He, too, was a rebel. He, too, had a deviant childhood, being sent to live with his grandmother for the first eight years of his life. He has said that she taught him freedom, which was crucial in his life.

More about Osho at Wikipedia.

Osho and Teal are consistent «knowers».

They can take any question and lead it to a valid, indisputable, accurate answer. They do it over and over again, in all formats, with every conceivable purpose, to all people.

The answers always come from a source that is themselves, but also origins in a completely different realm and is different from what our brains deliver in daily life. There are no contradictions in this, which we shall gradually see.

This Source, with capital S, is one and the same. All the other gurus who have not yet fully emerged also draw their insight from the same Source. In fact, we all do it all the time.

We just do not understand what is going on.

Are you curious to see and hear the two I mention in particular?

I found two videos.

The first shows Osho while being interviewed by an American reporter, who confronts him that he loves making enemies. During the ten minutes, Osho shows his ability to bring a new perspective into the conversation without going on the defensive.

He reveals how having enemies is usually positive because it allows him to communicate with them, influence them, and change their view of the world and themselves.

Jesus also sought out his enemies.

Behind this simple insight, there is also a deep understanding of how the dynamics of the world work, which you will see when we get to the chapters on science. When I see and hear Osho here, I know he knows.

Halfway through, he also says a few words about what it means to «wake up» and how he wants us all to see the wholeness of everything. The video is called «Life Is A Very Mysterious Phenomenon».

The second clip shows Teal Swan speaking to an audience in Chicago in 2018.

I have transcribed what she says because I think this clip shows a lot of what Teal stands for, what she does, and, first and foremost, knows.

She provides a complete description of the composition and function of the universe with simple, understandable words aimed at ordinary people. It's well done.
There is a reason that I focus more in my career on practical things like relationships and what to do with emotions. It's because all of this interdimensional information that I could have a conversation with you about today does nothing for your daily life, nothing. Like it literally does not matter how many extraterrestrials are out in the universe and what they're doing in your day-to-day life.

What matters is whether you can have a relationship because life literally is relationships. I want you to think about it – what is your life? It doesn't matter whether it's work, homelife, anything – it's all relationships. Do you see?

Even if you want to have a conversation about the universe, it's your relationship with the universe. So if you want to become awakened, your job is to figure out relationships. And it's going to be a freaking bumpy road.

Do you want to know why?

Because no one has the answer.

Scary, right?

Do you want me to walk you out on a limb?

Oh, I'm going to scare the crap out of you guys today ... Ok.

Alright, I'm walking you out on a limb today.

We like to come to spiritual awareness with this idea that we have a «catch-up» game to play with an entity that knows everything. It's not the case.

Literally if Source, or God, or whatever you're calling it, the universe at large, collective consciousness, whatever you like to call it – if it knew everything, there would be no such thing as life.

Every single being in existence is actually an extension of God, kind of like a deep sea diver so that God can self-actualize. So what you're looking at right here on planet Earth is the process of collective consciousness awakening. So actually, God itself is in a process of enlightenment.

Now, the concept «I» in the universe is what gave rise to a kind of cancer. So before, obviously, that concept arose within source consciousness, there was nothing but collective consciousness. There could not be ego; it did not exist until the concept «I». So essentially, Source asks the question, «what am I».

I want you to imagine that at that moment, it's like a bomb going off. At that second, there's a fragmentation. Even the concept «I» implies «other». So it's like a crack straight down through oneness.

Now suddenly, there are two things. And that literally, I'm calling it a cancer because it literally, just kept ... [showing with her hands how it exploded and expanded] ... pow.


So it's like we're literally in this process of continual fragmentation and separation. But source consciousness is turning the circle now because it has realized this; it essentially realized it has cancer.

Separation is pain. So the desire within source consciousness is to come back towards ... it's beyond oneness actually because «oneness» is actually the Ego of source itself.

[Teal laughing] Oh, I love that.

But that means that if everything is source consciousness, or what you're calling God, then every single being in existence is a part of God, and so this is our shitty relationship with ourselves. That's what Source is realizing.

Everything is about relationships now. Because if I have one single aspect of myself in the universe that I don't like, that's my crappy relationship with me.

Interesting, huh?

Now, there's serious implication, and I think, well, sometimes it's uncomfortable, but in general, a positive thing can come from this. It's that if we understand that every single fragment of the universe is actually a fractal of the universe, then we can actually have the power to come back to a state of unity by realizing that if I have a single negative relationship externally, that's a relationship with me that I'm having that is negative.

Now, it's not dependent on that external person.
Are you confused?

Is it not as apparent to you as I say it is to me?

Of course, it isn't; I throw this at you to warn you what is to come. You're not ready.

Maybe you will not be ready for the rest of your life, but perhaps you now want to read this book from cover to cover and then it starts to dawn?

In the clip, she says something that I will discuss in detail later because it is a crucial point, namely that:

«Oneness» is actually the Ego of source itself

That said, forget about understanding the statement right now. The explanation comes towards the end of the book.

Teal points to the very, very deepest. She is absolutely right; this is true, indisputable, intuitive knowledge. Osho has also embroidered this one point in thick books.

I do not know of any more «complete gurus» in our day. The vast majority of those who appear are genuine, but only these two, in my opinion, have the complete picture.