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21. The dissociation and you 

Now we will tackle what is most challenging to understand; you.

How did you come to be? And then I'm not talking about your physical body, but your mental self, the experience of being you – «inside» the body. It appears to be an unsolvable mystery, but we have all the pieces needed.

In this chapter, I put them together and go deep into the truth about you (in my opinion), namely that you are a dissociation. And what is that? And how can a single word cut the Gordian knot that has existed for thousands of years?

What you get here, you have never read or heard before – not in this way.
Your life is an experience in a collective, universal consciousness.

The Experiencer, as I have called «the unspeakable» this consciousness belongs to, a.k.a God – experiences everything it imagines as you experience everything you imagine, whether it is an apple, an umbrella, a group of people or the clouds in the sky above you.

Since everything that exists is in this collective consciousness, it is also a question of the Experiencer having an experience of being everything imagined – at once.

It still sounds somewhat bizarre, doesn't it?

How can one consciousness experience itself as many?

Or how should a consciousness at all be able to experience that it is something different than precisely this one consciousness?

Should you and I somehow be able to walk around and imagine, yes even experience totally, that we are someone other than the one you experience being right now?

Yes actually.

It is called dissociation and we do it continuously.