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14. Perfect memory 

This chapter is very short but also very important. I state in a few words that the Experiencer must have the ability to remember everything, always. There thus exists eternal, all-embracing knowledge which belongs to – is a property of – the universal spirit.
In the previous chapter, I briefly outlined how the notion of one point leads to several points. The first point arises without us knowing why or how.

This creative ability is mental because everything in the universe must have the same origin. This origin must be mental since our mental being is everything we know exists – because we all experience it.

The origin of this alertness, creativity and ability to experience, I have given the name the Experiencer.

I have then shown, so far only sketchily, how the Experiencer creates mental notions through emergence and also experiences the imagined as qualia.

That could just as easily have been a description of you personally.

Everything that is said is identical to your own experiences. But «you» has not yet come into being. We are in a fundamental, universal, mental landscape before the notion of the universe has come into existence.

From this state of nothingness, a «point» is created.

It appeared as an idea, a notion in the Experiencer of «something». The conception had to be interpreted. Registration of new impressions – changes – would come to a halt if the ever-occurring changes were not understood as something. Then there would be nothing new to build further development, further changes, on – no world.

Interpretation of something registered is what we call creativity.

I would go so far as to elevate this to a definition.

Therefore, all changes must be given an interpretation, a meaning that clearly distinguishes them from everything else. All changes must be understood. Of course, we are not talking about names, words, or other outer expressions – but conceptions, concepts, ideas, abstractions, mental creations.

We know something. Silently.

It does not matter what the conception is in absolute terms, but that it is consistent, that nothing else perceived as identical is given a different interpretation. If that happened, confusion would arise.

A little confusion is possible to deal with, but if everything is given all possible names arbitrarily, chaos arises, and our orderly universe cannot exist.

For identical impressions to be interpreted consistently as the same, they must be remembered.

The Experiencer must have memory, and it must be perfect. If all notions similar to a point are interpreted as a point – except for a few – chaos arises.

The Experiencer remembers everything; it has a perfect memory.

That must be the case, but how is it possible?

The question is not answerable, as little as it is possible to answer why the Experiencer registers, is creative, conceptualises and experiences qualia.

Memory is an inherent ability and a property in line with the other three.

We are so used to saying that memory is a function in and of the brain, but in a world where everything is mental, the brain and its functions are, too, just mental representations.

Since memory is necessary to get so far as to construct the notion of a brain, the memory must be «outside», i.e. in that which creates the brain, the Experiencer.

In this, there is proof of God, but I leave that discussion for another occasion.

In spiritual tradition, universal memory has its parallel in what is called Akashic records.