1.19 Mentally versus physically

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1.19.0-1  We have created a world that is purely mental. We have a structure of dots that are interpreted as space, time, etc. Physicalism, today's most widespread worldview where everything is material, also has dots, particles - which similarly exist in space and time.

1.19.0-2  These two explanatory models thus give us the same thing. It must be possible to characterize it as remarkable since the two models are direct opposites. But there is an important difference. Our cloud / structure comes from the mind. Physicalism comes from a Big Bang we can not explain.

1.19.0-3  Physicalism has no idea where consciousness comes in. We have an integrated understanding that consciousness and the fact that we experience the world as something material, are one and the same.

1.19.0-4  Nor can physicalism explain time and eternity. We can. And we also have a notion of eternity that will prove to be comforting instead of frightening.

1.19.0-5  Ready for the next chapter?