1.14 The quantum fluctuations?

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We have previously mentioned that everywhere in the universe there is a "force field" that "vibrates" with an incredible complexity and an enormous number of "events" – 10 < sup> 120 per square centimeter per second. This foaming soup of fluctuations is found everywhere in the universe and is the foundation of physics.

Our foundation is the imaginary, static structure of distances and accumulations. Based on a tiny, basic idea of a single distance, the mind has imagined an insanely complex and detailed pattern. It occurred in zero time, because time is an interpretation that comes FROM the pattern, not something that exists in itself.

Could it be that the quantum force field is the interpretation of the static pattern? The thought "reads" the pattern and experiences an improbably complex soup of apparent "events"?
1.14.0-1  The pattern itself stands still. It constitutes a static structure. The ideas about and experience of time and speed, ie movement, come from the formation of the structure, is what created it, as has already been explained. Time and speed explain and are the reason for the distribution of dots. But this stagnant, colossal accumulation of dots is at rest. It is formed in the great, universal consciousness and never changes.

1.14.0-2  Is this reminiscent of anything? We have mentioned earlier in the chapter that everywhere in the universe there is a "force field" that stands and "vibrates" with an incredible complexity, 10120 "events" within an area the size of a piece of sugar. This is a theoretical model, pure mathematics.

1.14.0-3  The model is used in physics to explain how energy arises. In the field of quantum power, energy is generated by borrowing from "nothing". At the same time, negative energy arises, so that the sum is zero. Such a "loan" is an "event".

1.14.0-4  The theory also explains how energy and mass are transformed from one to the other. When mass arises from energy (E = mc2), antimatter, negative mass, is formed at the same time.

1.14.0-5  Negative energy and negative mass?

1.14.0-6  Sure. All the particles we know (electrons, protons, etc.) have their antiparticle. We have observed them and even used some for useful purposes, such as PET scanners in hospitals that use positrons, the electron's antiparticle.

1.14.0-7  The quantum force field? This foaming soup of fluctuations that is everywhere in the universe is the foundation, the "bottom plank" in physics. Our bottom plank is the static structure of distances and accumulations. Is the chaotic confusion of quantum fluctuations and the static pattern the same? Both are insanely complex. Both are - according to their respective theories - the first to exist and from which the whole world is formed.

1.14.0-8  However, there is an important difference between the two. The structure is immobile, the quantum force field is constantly changing. Still, some bells are ringing, there is a hint of kinship. Hmm? Watch!

1.14.0-9  Could it be that the thought imagines this enormous static structure, which is the only thing it knows - and then tries to understand what it means? It interprets the pattern. That is what the thought conducts, interprets, gives meaning to what it experiences.

1.14.0-10  The mind has already experienced distances and accumulations. It has interpreted this as space, time, gravity and mass. With these fundamental "opinions", it created a static pattern that in principle can be infinitely large and unimaginably detailed. The pattern arose in zero time, because time is an interpretation that comes FROM the pattern, not something that exists in itself.

1.14.0-11  You can look at any small piece of the pattern, and with the thought of knowing how it is formed, it immediately knows how the pattern develops further from there. Every tab of the pattern is immediately and directly known to the mind. In some places there are large distances, long time intervals without anything appearing, little mass and ditto gravity. A boring pattern.

1.14.0-12  Elsewhere, the pattern is detailed, with clusters, short distances, large mass, large gravity and short time spans. The pattern is very different in different places. But it stands still. Nothing happens.

1.14.0-13  For the great, universal consciousness, this is only the beginning. It does not go home and go to bed after this pattern has been created, by itself. It is against its function. Its function is to be conscious, to create perceptions and to experience the imagined. Consciousness is active, creative. That is what IS consciousness.

1.14.0-14  The ideas of thought never end. The interpretation and experience the interpretation provides, what we call qualia, takes place without delay. The static pattern that almost exploded in the mind, outside of time and space, must also be interpreted.

1.14.0-15  The thought imagines a pattern. It has formed an opinion about how it is shaped. This meaning is knowledge. That is the only knowledge the thought has. When it now has to, must, also interpret the pattern, it uses all its knowledge, about time, space, speed, mass and gravity.

1.14.0-16  The thought experiences the pattern and tries to experience it by using his knowledge of these fundamental quantities. It sees accumulations of "mass" distributed over time and space. It knows that this creates gravity, it experiences movement. The thought interprets and experiences the interpreted.

1.14.0-17  Do you think it seems sought after? That's how you work. You ARE this consciousness.

1.14.0-18  So what is the connection between the pattern and the quantum force field? Why do you get the feeling that they can be the same, even if the first is static and the second vibrates feverishly?

1.14.0-19  The quantum force field can be the interpretation of the static pattern. The thought "reads" the pattern and experiences an improbably complex soup of apparent "events". At this level, the events do not mean anything more, they are just a cook. They are the basis for further interpretation. The quantum events are the first of a long, long series of emerging phenomena.

1.14.0-20  Oj oj. We play with what is the very physical basis of everything that exists. We have come up with a mental explanation model for the quantum power field. No one has done this before, not in this way, as far as I know.