1.11 Eternity

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If time is a notion, eternity is what really exists. "That", whatever it may be, that experiences time, is in a place where time does not make sense, in an eternal "now".
1.11.0-1  Have you ever been overwhelmed or intimidated by the idea of eternity? If time is a conception, eternity is what really exists. There is no "before" or "after" time. There is a notion of time. This conception is formed in "eternity" and this conception also contains the thoughts you have about the beginning and end of time, which does not exist outside the conception.

1.11.0-2  And what then is eternity? How should we conceptually be able to understand a state that does not accommodate the concept of time? It's actually not that difficult. Eternity is NOW. The great, eternal NOW. This again points to what lies behind the thought, behind the consciousness. Chew on it a little, we'll come back to this later.

1.11.0-3  Oh, now it's rolling around in your head! The words swirl around in a confusing dance of logic and consequence. Can this be true? Does it have to be this way?

1.11.0-4  It takes a clear mind to keep up here. Have I made any logical mistakes? In that case, they must be weeded out as soon as possible! Can anyone who thinks that the reasoning does not measure up please say? We cannot have a creation account that is untrue, ambiguous or obscure. So far, there are many theories about the creation of the world that are just that, highly unclear. But our version should be waterproof. If not the only one possible, then at least waterproof.

1.11.0-5  We are in the middle of a creation story. It is not something you experience every day. Take a break if you want, but keep going, keep going!