1.7 The will

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You have a will to perceive. We are going to do an exercise, a mental exercise - namely try to imagine how the whole universe can arise, just in your mind.
1.7.0-1  We have already formulated a starting point, an axiom: Consciousness is everything. From this the world must be explained. We imagine that so far there is no world, nothing, only consciousness.

1.7.0-2  Awareness is to experience. It is a will to experience, a vitality, a desire. Reflect a little upon just that.

1.7.0-3  What is it like to be alive?

1.7.0-4  Yes, it is eating and sleeping and whistling and loving and working. It is breathing and pumping blood through your years. It is opening your eyes, receiving signals, interpreting them and experiencing what you have around you and what you yourself are. Your body.

1.7.0-5  The will you have in you to do and experience the trillions of little things going on in and around you, that is your life itself. The will to live.

1.7.0-6  Consciousness has a will to experience. Awareness IS to experience. That is what consciousness does, it can do nothing else.

1.7.0-7  Now we are going to do an exercise, a mind game. We're talking about consciousness, about thought, so engaging in a game of thought, imagining how things are connected by just thinking about it - it's valid. Thought is reality, yours and my experienced reality - the only reality we have. Because we are all in possession of a thought, we can study how it works just by reasoning - thinking.

1.7.0-8  My goal is to show that it is possible to imagine how a mental world came to be. I do not claim that what is to be told now is the only, complete and complete truth about how it happened. It may have been totally different. Most likely it was.

1.7.0-9  The point is to show that it is possible. Where physicists and materialists struggle to make things cohesive, it is entirely possible to achieve just that if one takes as a starting point that the world is a mental notion and not something material.

1.7.0-10  Here is my creation story. Let's get started!