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This book consists of two parts.

The first is necessary to be able to understand the second.
  1. The story of my personal spiritual awakening and the insights it brought with it.
  2. A scientific theory of the world, based on the insights. Everything is included; «Life, the Universe and everything».
The second part is the extraordinary, new, remarkable.

It simply presents a theory about the world and how it works. The theory introduces a unique but intuitive and straightforward worldview that is highly foreign and will meet with strong resistance from the vast majority.

I believe it is correct.

Feel free to mobilise all your scepticism. Go into the text with the sure belief that what you are reading is rubbish. I ask you to bring out all your knowledge and all that you fully believe in – and meet the text with as strong counter-arguments as you can mobilise.

Perhaps you have completed a comprehensive education and possess in-depth knowledge in areas that the book touches on. I can hear that you are sceptical because I am just a journalist and generalist without significant formal expertise in scientific subjects.

I challenge you, in other words. Read, and I'm sure I'll be able to shake what you've thought about the world so far.

If you are already open to other explanations than the ones we learn at universities, then the book is a goodie bag.

Whatever your position, you will receive proposals for concrete solutions to unsolved scientific questions.

You will see that some basic principles and mechanisms unite everything that exists: everything material, all abstract phenomena and not least personal experience and consciousness, in this universe and all other universes – whether real or not.

In short, the book presents a theory of everything, nothing less.

What you have in front of you is, therefore, very special. For that reason, I must first explain how the theory came about. Without such an explanation, you will not believe me.

Consequently, first comes a part that depicts my psychology, viewed subjectively, and important events that have steered me towards these insights.

I have no need to expose myself; on the contrary. My role is unimportant, but at the same time, it is «my» theory on paper.

Of course, the theory is not mine; it simply is – the way the world is.

I'm just a complicated guy who thinks he has it figured out and tries to explain how it works. Life placed me in this role; I never asked for it. You will understand this after reading the first part, which is a prerequisite for understanding the «weight» of what is conveyed in the second.

And let me say it straight away: You will probably find parts of this book almost unreadable. Very few are ready to take it all in completely. I explain this at the beginning of chapter «16. The early universe».

But don't let that stop you! Skim through the difficult parts because there are essential insights throughout the book, especially towards the end.

Enjoy the ride; it’s a wild one!

Oslo, August 2022

Tom Ottmar (