1.2 Consciousness is not matter

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Science fails to explain consciousness - neither how it arises from a material world, nor what consciousness is in the physical sense. But we all experience being conscious.
1.2.0-1  The world does not just consist of matter.

1.2.0-2  Your thoughts are not matter. When you think, we can measure activity in the material in the brain. But your experience of what you are thinking - what is it? You are aware that you are thinking. What is this consciousness made of? What is the "thought substance"?

1.2.0-3  When something happens out there in the "material" world, you experience it as a color, taste, smell, touch, light, etc. The chemistry in your body changes and you experience emotions. The instruments in an orchestra create movements in the air that you experience as music. But is the experience of music thus substance? When you hear music coming out of a radio, is it the radio that creates the music?

1.2.0-4  The color red is light waves with a certain frequency. But is red in red a substance? People who were blind from birth and who suddenly regain their sight have no idea that what they are experiencing is "red". It must be learned, the experience does not lie in the light waves.

1.2.0-5  If you close your eyes and think of the color red, you will probably be able to create a vague experience of it inside you. How is it possible?

1.2.0-6  What is the "substance" of feeling happy or sad? How do you put joy, sorrow, thirst, pain or expectation under the microscope?

1.2.0-7  Consciousness and matter belong together, but consciousness is something other than matter. Do you agree?

1.2.0-8  You and I are conscious. We have the ability to experience. Do you agree?

1.2.0-9  Consciousness cannot be explained by today's scientific methods. There is no agreement on what consciousness IS, yet we must all agree that consciousness actually exists, because you and I experience being conscious. We are aware of the world and ourselves as individuals.

1.2.0-10  Without consciousness there is no world and there is no "I" that can experience the world. This is how we experience it. Everything we experience is experienced in the consciousness.

1.2.0-11  Let's start there. Awareness is a fact. Consciousness is to experience, to experience.

1.2.0-12  What consciousness experiences has its own word; qualia - the quality of sensing, the essence of sensing, the experience of consciousness. Qualia is the word we have given "the substance of thought", the red, the music, the happiness - but it is only an abstract concept, a word.