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15.21. The experience of being in the field

The experience of the Pattern is the experience of space, time, motion, mass, gravity, acceleration and waves. This probably contributes significantly to the experience of «being», i.e. being «conscious», in addition to experiencing change – energy.

The Pattern that the Experiencer imagines has in itself no meaning, no interpretation.

It is abstract knowledge about an infinity of «points» that fly around and form a pattern according to fixed laws, nothing else.

It is a «field», as physicists like to call it.

Actually, there are no points, only the movements that form the pattern, only the knowledge. Since it is difficult to objectify «movement», I have used the term «point in motion» so far.

How does it feel for the Experiencer to have this knowledge?

You have to ask yourself again.

How does it feel for you to have knowledge of the three-dimensional space that surrounds you and that is also inside you?

How do you experience time and motion and gravity and mass?

All of these concepts have their associated qualia, which are precisely the ones you experience. There is good reason to believe that this is the very experience of being alive, of consciousness.

Let's take it one more time because this is very important:

The Experiencer, the universal Source, God or whatever you want to call it – creates the notion of an infinitely large dynamic structure, a fluctuating pattern – the Pattern.

It happens instantly after the idea of the first «something» is created.

In our words, in our experienced world, we must express it this way, that is, talk about «after». In reality, the structure arises outside of time – in the great, universal being which simply is.