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15.5. The fuel

The notion of «change» was the first notion that drives all subsequent notions.

We now have an understanding of how change, energy, emerged.

Once change is learned, there is only one possible way forward: to continue with change.

Change is the very first, fundamental «law of nature» that is involved in absolutely everything subsequent.

In a mental universe, therefore, energy is not something that comes «from outside» nor an inherent property or function in the Experiencer itself, but a consequence, a concept, knowledge, an interpretation of the fact that «something» arose.

Change is what creates new concepts and experiences, the very fuel of creativity.

Already with the experience of a «point», we thus have everything needed to create a world, namely «something» and the ability to change «something» to «something else» through «change» – energy.

We're up and running; let's move on.