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12.9. A mental mechanism

Yes. In our model of the world, that is precisely what we do. When everything is mental, changes must also be created in consciousness, i.e. be something that is experienced.

Thus, the question becomes how such a mental mechanism works.

We know from physics how energy spreads into the universe and creates change. Then physicalism says that our consciousness registers these changes. But this is a misguided concept, and it must be reversed.

Now we must understand how The Experiencer generates the notion of these changes, i.e. creates energy. The key word is emergence.

We are starting to get a framework.

Remember, though, that this is not about you as a subjective individual, not yet. Everything we discuss here does not play out inside your personal consciousness and subconscious – but in a mental, fundamental, global state of pure being.

You know this state, for you too are, but «you» are not «created» yet.