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Summary of the theory:

10.3. The beginning; registration of a single «something»

The very first experience, the little breath, the almost imperceptible change, the hint, the impulse, or whatever it was that the Experiencer registered, had to be interpreted – and suddenly «something» existed; an abstract notion, an idea, an understanding, knowledge.

Abstract ideas are a mental experience in the Experiencer, just as you can experience abstract ideas in your mind. Because the Experiencer is everything, the ideas and the knowledge of the Experiencer are present everywhere.

This first, most minuscule, abstract «something» is with a stroke everywhere because there is nothing else.

To illustrate the subsequent mechanisms, we must give «something» a name, so I choose to say that this very first was a «point». It does not matter what conceptual idea it was; we are at a stage before absolutely everything else.

With «points» «everywhere», distances occur (space), with distances occurs the notion of time, with distance/time occurs speed (the speed of light), etc. How these things simply occur, is described in point 5 on emergence.

What I just described corresponds to the inflation phase in astrophysics, i.e. the moment when the universe was suddenly there and, in an extremely short time, 10-32 seconds, expanded to a colossal size.

Because it is an abstraction, it actually took zero time, but other factors (point 6) meant that from our perspective, which is «inside time», it took a bit time.

In this one moment, the abstraction spacetime was formed, that is, the «carpet» of distances and time that we are inside.