1.1.3 A new understanding

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Physics cannot explain what mass and energy really ARE. But we experience that it is there. How are we to understand this? Could it be that "what experiences" is what IS - and that matter and energy are experiences?
1.1.3-1  Have you droped out already?

1.1.3-2  Take it easy. It's easier than you think. I'll bring you through it. The book is meant for most people.

1.1.3-3  I will not overload you with unfamiliar concepts, mathematics or complicated science. I will not list philosophers either.

1.1.3-4  However, we do not escape the fact that philosophy and science are the very tools we have for understanding the world. There are also several tools, such as what we collectively call spirituality, because it provides insights and experiences that are of a different nature. Religion belongs to spirituality. The same goes for all kinds of mysterious phenomena such as animation of nature, supernatural experiences, etc. A common term for all this is metaphysics - everything that lies outside what physics can explain.

1.1.3-5  We'll make this stick together. I will suggest, concretely and as simply as possible, what the world consists of, how it has become as it is and how it works. It is, of course, a theory.

1.1.3-6  The solution must provide answers that are valid, probable and in line with both established philosophy, science, religion and alternative knowledge. And it must be testable.

1.1.3-7  Oh. Overconfidence?

1.1.3-8  No, not really. I'm going to make a twist, that's all. I will look at the world from a different point of view, introduce a simple insight that can be formulated in a few words, three pieces, but which has enormous consequences for absolutely everything. You will see that many pieces fall into place.

1.1.3-9  The insight is of course not new, it is ancient. We must also be able to make such demands; that a "modern" theory of the world must also embrace all prior knowledge.

1.1.3-10  Now let's go straight to the core.