3.2 How did you forget what you really are?

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It is impossible to explain the existence of you as a thinking being originating from matter, dead "stuff". But the opposite is almost trivial, because you think and the thought is without limits. You also think yourself.

You are an experience, which is of the same nature as the experiences you have of everything else. You have a strong belief in yourself as a being. You identify with your fantasies because you think they belong to a "you". When this happens, it is very difficult to experience what you really are.
3.2.0-1  We are an isolated, tiny little part of a colossal, universal consciousness. We are the ability to perceive and to think. That is what we ARE, a consciousness that imagines something in its mind. You should not be surprised to hear just this, because you are thinking all the time. The only thing you actually do.

3.2.0-2  What are you thinking? When you were a newborn, you only experienced flashes of light. These flashes, you thought, what are they? There were lots of them. They split up. You imagined that they are forbidden with each other. You think they form patterns. In some places there were groups of glimpses, thick connections.

3.2.0-3  It became a brain, an experience of a brain. But you do not experience the brain as such, it is a medium. You do not experience the road you are walking on as something you think about a lot. You do not experience your blood vessels, even though they transport much of what you need. You do not experience the sound waves as they are, waves. You experience the sound. You experience the feeling of happiness from endorphins that are made in the body under stress, transported by the blood to the brain which interprets the chemical patterns as an experience of becoming high.

3.2.0-4  It is not the medium you experience, you experience what the medium conveys, or rather the patterns in what is delivered. The waves in the air become significant when the patterns make sense. An electromagnetic TV signal is only noise if it is not modulated with a pattern.

3.2.0-5  Your thought imagines a wealth of media and connections between media. Your mind makes all of these out of your own pondering. What can this be, what I think? Could it be a line, a lump, a curve, something behind, inside, something completely different?

3.2.0-6  A strange tissue with innumerable patterns is conceivable. Only after a long period of weaving and when the tank sees patterns, formed by patterns, formed by patterns - then the tank thinks that it may be a cell. It does not think the word, it thinks the structure, the experience.

3.2.0-7  It thinks of different types of cells. It thinks they are moving, but still the same thing. It thinks the same cells over and over, trillions of times before it thinks that maybe this is a brain. Together it is a brain - it became so because the thought in free flight did the only thing it can, thought that this ONE IS and and this one can only do one thing, namely become two and two become four and it forms a pattern and we are up and running.

3.2.0-8  The brain is an idea for a pattern recognition machine that in turn gave you the experience of colors and sounds and smells. You began to imagine that all this might be connected. Could it be a body?

3.2.0-9  You experienced flavors and pressures. You experienced that you saw shapes. Many of these shapes were different and obviously not part of your own body. It formed an experience of distances, later also time. You would have to be several years old before you understood time and space properly. It actually took twelve years. Only then were you safe on a bicycle in traffic.

3.2.0-10  But long before that, at the age of just a few months, something strange happened. All these impressions began to make sense. You experienced the same things over and over again. You also experienced this repetition, and it took on a kind of higher meaning, you remembered. You remembered that when you think of this lump of something moving in front of you, it looked like ... an arm! And a foot and a hand. You could imagine that you grabbed something and this something, you imagined, followed with your hand up to your mouth.

3.2.0-11  All this is emergence, a higher understanding that emerges, is an interpretation of something that is not necessarily "true". Even if the child sees a troll in the clouds, there is no troll in the clouds.

3.2.0-12  You memorized it in your brain, in this experience of an immensely complex machine that gave you lots of patterns and experiences. All your experiences came from this, but you did not understand. You only experienced the fully interpreted sensory impressions - and your thoughts. Really just your thoughts, about the sensory impressions.

3.2.0-13  So what are you? You are a thought. It does not walk around, does nothing, is not in any body. It is not in any time or space, neither on a planet nor in a universe. It just is. And it is part of the great idea that is also just. It's the same thought, there's only one thought.

3.2.0-14  But this very thought is your thought, you. You experience it very strongly, that you are you. You are so confident in so much. You see a table in front of you. This table is an interpretation of patterns in a long and complex line of thought. Your body is the same. You even have an experience of your own thinking. The thought also experiences itself, why should it not? It is capable of experiencing everything else, so why should it not also have an experience that it imagines things itself, that it develops concepts, emotions, insights, connections, aesthetics, morals, music, magic - all this insane richness .

3.2.0-15  This experience of experiencing is you. This is your life. Also it is a performance in mind.

3.2.0-16  Oops. This is pretty hefty, isn 't it? But it is very logical.

3.2.0-17  It is impossible to explain the existence of you as a mind based on matter, dead matter. But the opposite is almost trivial, because you think and the thought is without limits. You also think for yourself. You are an experience, which is of the same nature as the experience you have of everything else.

3.2.0-18  Your mind must have somehow been split, secreted like a leaf on a twig on a branch on a larger branch on a larger branch on the trunk that is the great consciousness.

3.2.0-19  Then it has undergone a development. At first it thought one a flash of light and trillions of several flashes of light. So patterns and shapes. So things. Basic ideas of time and space. A body. My body - me. Other bodies. Insight into one's own thought. Other people's thoughts. The thoughts of nature. Insight into the big idea. The thought of the thought. That's the whole cycle. Shorter can hardly be said.

3.2.0-20  Then we die. We stop thinking an I. I am full of blind spots, illness, anxiety, lack of interest, lack of will. Everything is thought of before. This repeats itself, the thought thinks. I know so much more than the other young minds, but they do not know, do not acknowledge. I do not want more. I see where I'm coming from, I'm no longer scared. I'm signing out. Forget it. I'm leaving.

3.2.0-21  Also the great consciousness must have arisen from something, divided from the ONE, but how and why should I not dare to describe, not yet. It belongs to the religions.

3.2.0-22  As a toddler, you began to see yourself as a body in a world. You experienced it as material, full of things in time and space. But it was still full of thoughts and experiences, of colors, sounds, tastes, pain, sorrow, desire, love and curiosity.

3.2.0-23  Think about how much you can really "experience". This is what you ARE. The material is just one of these countless experiences. It is complex and compelling, but the world - yourself included - is still just an experience in your mind.