0. Preface

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Is the world a notion of consciousness and nothing material? Is it possible? Is it likely? This book shows that it is in fact the most likely explanation of all.

0.0.0-2  In such a purely mental universe, the elementary particles are not the fundamental, but thought. In such a world, cause and effect have changed places. With such a worldview, it becomes possible to understand physical phenomena that we today have no good explanation for. Quantum mechanics is no longer so mysterious. Gravity can be explained at the particle level. The Big Bang makes sense.

0.0.0-3  In a mental world, it is possible, in fact necessary, to link science with humanistic fields such as psychology, language, music, sociology, ethics, religion - and everyone else. They are governed by common laws that are what we find in dynamic, chaotic systems. Poems and weather can be explained from the same. Economy and trees follow the same laws in their development.

0.0.0-4  What then is a human being? What is life and death? What is time? In a mental world, most things are turned upside down. There can be only one thought from which our whole universe is thought. What is it that thinks? Are there other thoughts thinking other universes? Can there be infinitely many, because all possible universes are conceivable?

0.0.0-5  In a mental world, science, religion and spirituality take on new meaning. The conflict disappears, they explain the same thing, only from different points of view.

0.0.0-6  In a mental world there is no death. Life is. There must be a total intelligence that imagines it all. This intelligence is in me, as much as it is in you. It IS you and me, or more correctly: our experience of being individuals IS IN IT. You know this intelligence well, you know how it is experienced - as your own consciousness.

0.0.0-7  The book explains concretely and logically how all this is possible, necessary - and how it works. It is not difficult at all, you just have to understand how it works and see everything from the right perspective.

0.0.0-8  With this insight in place, the road to healing is short. The anxiety, the mind, the guilt, the longing, etc. that we are all ravaged by, lose their power. They are private performances, an illusion that no one else shares with us. The world is neutral. There is a "correct" interpretation. The book explains exactly why and how.

0.0.0-9  When you see the world right, let your illusory dream go, have awakened from your distorted notions - then you see it. When the thought understands itself and is revealed as a shadow of the real thing… when you discover that YOU, your core, are an observer of both the thought and "yourself" - then you are free. You have the power to set others free. Immediately.

0.0.0-10  You are still present in this world. Everything is as before but everything has changed.


0.0.0-11  Andrei Linde, Russian-born American theoretical physicist, professor at Stanford University, wrote in 1998 :

0.0.0-12  "Let us remember that our knowledge of the world begins not with matter but with perceptions. … Later we find out that our perceptions obey some laws, which can be most conveniently formulated if we assume that there is some underlying reality beyond our perceptions. This model of material world obeying laws of physics is so successful that soon we forget about our starting point and say that matter is the only reality, and perceptions are only helpful for its description. This assumption is almost as natural (and maybe as false) as our previous assumption that space is only a mathematical tool for the description of matter."


0.0.0-13  A morning
One morning in April 2019, just as I was waking up, I had a dreamlike experience in my head. I saw a myriad of tiny, really unbelievable microscopic bright spots. There must have been billions of them, trillions. They formed a misty cloud that covered the entire field of vision. They were everything I saw, everything I was in, the points were in front of me, around me, everywhere.

0.0.0-14  Suddenly, in a matter of seconds, they joined forces. Patterns formed, some areas became darker, others lighter. Colors.

0.0.0-15  It behaved like a cartoon-like metamorphosis, similar to the spirit in the bottle in a Disney movie that manifests itself from a cloud of steam.

0.0.0-16  The individual points were erased, or rather incorporated into the forms, the scope of something formal and interpretable.

0.0.0-17  In front of me, above me and in what I was in, arose, was created, a landscape was formed with horizon, a sky with clouds, a valley, plain, trees, hills. Twigs, birds, stones. A whole world, harmonious and beautiful. I estimate that it lasted for approx. three seconds.

0.0.0-18  There was no sense of anything extraordinary or mysterious. More like getting out of a fog and watching a landscape emerge. As the bright spots formed something comprehensible, they moved away and disappeared into the image. At the same time there were more of them, the complexity grew, I understood that the points in a way belonged to the various details and performed their task of completing them.

0.0.0-19  Then I woke up in the small bedroom, opened my eyes, and the picture was cut away, replaced by the sad, light brown, green and blue colors that interior architects smear over past thoughts of elegance to imagine buyers getting a ticket to the new one. time, youth source, by paying exorbitant price for a soulless apartment on the eleventh floor in a block a little on the outskirts of downtown Oslo, overlooking the city in the middle of the fjord, as rich in details as the sight I had just seen in a half-awake state.

0.0.0-20  A sight. And fata morgana. The world was created in my head those seconds that morning. It was created, created, shaped from a cloud of flashes of light.

0.0.0-21  I experienced it, physically, materially. It was a half dream.

0.0.0-22  This is exactly how it is. I have known this since I was a boy, known intuitively, logically. It has to be this way, somehow.

0.0.0-23  This morning in April 2019, I saw it quite concretely.