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«The Experiencer»

I firmly believe that idealism is the philosophical standpoint that provides the correct philosophical and scientific understanding of the world. Nothing material exists; all are conceptions in a single, universal consciousness.

In the book, which is approx. five hundred pages, I show how it can concretely work when everything is mental. There are only two main principles at play:

  • Emergence: which explains how things "grow into existence", and
  • Complexity dynamics: which explains all interplay in the universe; both material, subjective and abstract

A universal spirit is all that exists. I call it the Experiencer. We are all dissociations in this one spirit, just as we individually can dissociate into roles and fully believe in them. Not only your roles but also your experience of being yourself is a dissociation, which I explain in detail.

The one consciousness has myriads of experiences and also of BEING what was experienced. Thus we are all, in essence, and most concretely, a fragment of the same consciousness, the same thought, the same, one tremendous experience, which is the world. We are then, at the same time, the Experiencer, but we do not understand it.

The signs, the clues and the confirmations have come to me throughout my life. It is an insight that many people will not understand, a complex and strange story. It is, in my eyes, all the more true and essential because it is about understanding and saving ourselves and the planet.

The surprising thing is that idealism removes all paradoxes, all mysteries in physics, and the missing philosophical and mechanical connection between subjective consciousness, tangible matter and pure abstractions - i.e. the three categories of existence we know.

Everything works out in an idealistic world. It is banally simple but simultaneously challenging to take in and fully comprehend. Should the world, the universe, you and everything else be just a mental conception, a fantasy? The answer is yes, in my opinion.

In this book, I explain why and how. You get the big answers to the biggest questions – in a very concrete and rational form.

Interestingly, we don't have to abandon or change anything we know about the «material» world. Everything science knows is still valid. What I'm talking about is where all in existence comes from, what things, abstractions and subjective experiences are in ontological essence, and how it all works «down there» – in reality.

The book also contains long stretches that apparently do not belong there; about my childhood trauma, a deep and mysterious love relationship many years ago that is still unresolved, and not least, a psychological and spiritual awakening after a long life as tentatively «normal» .

It's about seeing yourself and the world from a different and broader perspective. These strange, private events were critical on the path to insight.

I have stopped believing in the outward, visible, everyday life. I have never believed in it, although I have lived like others for too many years. Community, our culture and most of us are sick in the sense that we believe to be something other than what we are in reality. We believe in things that are not true, but we normalize, mask and suppress everything possible to an extreme degree.

I have gone down deep and have found answers. Because I was «injured» and forced «out of myself», I gained this ability.

Therefore, the book you have in front of you is not for the faint of heart. It shakes the foundations of everything we believe in, even in the «heavy» branches of science; quantum and particle physics, astrophysics, all our abstract thinking, our ideas about human beings and much more.

Take your time and read everything because the book is a whole, and everything is connected – of course, because anything else is impossible. I give you a complete account of creation, from the universe's origin to its disappearance.

Enjoy; you have never read anything like this.

With love,
Tom W. Ottmar

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